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Ensenada to Rosarito [Transportation Services]

The official provider of the transportation services is EVORIDE, it offers a secure and reliable service to take you and your bike from Ensenada to Rosarito, since early morning for the start of it, to the afternoon once the event conclude. The passengers travel on board a mini-bus units of 25 to 30 passengers capacity with their own custom bike holders units so that the bikes are secure and protected over the travel.

The tickets sales on the morning for the event start at 6:00am, and concludes at 8:45am, in front of clock tower of the Ex-Hotel, now museum-events hall “Riviera of the Pacific”, the first unit will depart at 6:45-7:00am towards the Rosarito starting point for the event on intervals of 20-30 minutes each approximately. The last morning unit will be leaving at around 8:30-8:45am. There will also tickets sale at Hotel Rosarito Beach on the entrance/exit area for the transportation back to Rosarito from 7:00am to 9-10am depending on the starting time of the event, as well as on the goal/finish lane after the event takes place.

The afternoon ticket sale takes place at 1:00pm and concludes at around 6:00pm. The first unit will be departing at around 2:00pm with the rest following on intervals of 30mins each till 6-7pm.

The loading area for passengers and bikes on the morning will be on the principal boulevard Lázaro Cárdenas, by the side of CEARTE center, and in the afternoon will be over the Boulevard Costero, also by the side of CEARTE center.

The pricing is as following: $25 USD if you buy your transportation ticket online with the entire event participation fee's. On the same day of the event [on site] would be priced for $27 USD [CASH] and will be available at the entrance of the resting area after the event, and at the exit of it as well... So you can also buy it after the event in case you forgot or are unsure about your transportation procedures [CASH].

INFO at: (951)3100598 USA & (646)2395718 MX

Driving from the United States

If you drive (your car or a rental), remember that you must purchase supplemental Mexican auto insurance even if your U.S. policy covers you in Mexico. Rental cars that are allowed to be driven into Mexico are available from agencies at the San Diego International Airport.

Heading south, take either the 5 or 805 freeway to the Mexican border (The 5 and 805 merge just before the border crossing).

Crossing the Border - When you reach the border there will be a light that either flashes green or red. If you get the green light, proceed into Mexico. If you get the red light, you will need to pull into the Secondary Inspection area as directed by Mexican customs officials. This inspection is standard so don’t be alarmed.

Parking in Rosarito

Public parking in Rosarito is available on the street, and secure private parking is available in several pay lots. Pay lots are similar to those the United States when you go to a stadium event; as you get close you'll see people holding signs like "Park Here" Those pay lots in Rosarito are soccer fields, baseball fields, strip malls, etc. They are abundant along the main street, Blvd. Benito Juarez. Take the first Rosarito exit from the toll road as you are heading south and drive through town to get to these parking areas.

Parking in Ensenada

Parking in Ensenada it's easier in our Official Parking next to the Finish Line area for $100 MXN or $8.00 USD. Public parking in Ensenada is also available on the street (same curb colors as the U.S.) and in small pay lots.

Safety and Medical Support

WARNING: Limited Support!!

We provide traffic control and medical support on the event course, but only during limited times and at limited locations.

Safe Start Time

You must start from the official Start Line with the field of riders when the event starts - not early and not late - in order to receive medical support or be within the zone of traffic control.

Safe Start Location

The ride starts in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel and you must start from the official Start Line. We are finally putting an end to the growing problems caused by participants starting the ride from Rene's, AM/PM and 7-Eleven. If you are one of the riders who has be jeopardizing the event by starting early or leaving from anywhere other than the official start line, plan now to allow enough time to join the line up, or you will not have traffic control or medical support.

Safety Rules

  1. Helmets are required
  2. Slower riders keep right
  3. Pass ONLY on the LEFT
  4. Carry ID with you at all times
  5. All riders must register
  6. Minors less than 1 year prohibited

Emergency Telephone Numbers

  1. Tourist Assistance: 078
  2. Municipal Police: 066
  3. American Consulate: 1-619-692-2154 (San Diego)
  4. American Consulate: 52-664-622-7400 (Tijuana)

Aid Station Locations and Times

  1. Aid Station 1 at 16 Miles closes at 1 pm
  2. Aid Station 2 at 27 Miles closes at 2:30 pm
  3. Aid Station 3 at 42 Miles closes at 3:30 pm
  4. 50 Mile Mark Aid Station closes at 4:30 pm

Cycling is Dangerous

The sport of cycling produces more injuries each year than any other sport. As statistics would have it, Rosarito Ensenada has its fair share incidents requiring medical attention. On-site minor first aid is administered at every event, and serious injuries occur at most events.

Dangerous Conditions

Rosarito Ensenada hosts some inexperienced cyclists who tend to be less aware of riding conditions or other cyclists around them. The highway has rough pavement in some places, and the downhill sections of the course can be very fast. The event course is not close to a medical facility and medical attention can be delayed by other riders, vehicle traffic, geography, weather conditions, etc.

Traffic Warning

We try to make your ride traffic-free, but there will be some cars on the course. We do our best to eliminate vehicle traffic, but unfortunately some drivers do not respect the road closure. The Free Road is closed to all vehicles except local residents whose homes are blocked by the event course. Spectators are not allowed to drive on the Free Road during the event. Please do not drive on the event course from 10 am to 5 pm.

How to Ride Safer

  1. Start from the official Start Line
  2. Start with the main field of riders at 10:00 a.m.
  3. Do not leave the Start Area before the event begins.
  4. Train and be prepared for a challenging course
  5. Carry a photo ID at all times
  6. Wear a helmet and buckle it!
  7. Wear sunscreen
  8. Ride with a buddy and stay together
  9. Stay hydrated and rest when needed
  10. Recognize your own limits and ride within them
  11. Be prepared for another cyclist to ride into you or cut you off

How to Drive Safer

  • Don't drive drunk or sleepy
  • Purchase Mexican auto insurance before crossing the border
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Wear your seat belt
  • Carry a photo ID at all times
  • Be with someone you know, especially at night
  • Don't leave your bike unattended except at the official bike storage inside the Finish Line Fiesta or inside your hotel room.